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We believe that cultivating and maintaining the creative spark in both ourselves and others is key to encouraging the spark of creativity to spread through our communities and the world, in order not just to make the world better, but to also create Betterness.

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What is the Creativity (R)Evolution?

The Creativity (R)Evolution is a movement to leverage the transformative power of creativity to start a contagion of creativity that spreads throughout the world, changing it for the better.

What if there was a way to not only infuse the spark of creativity back into our lives, but to also encourage this spark in others? And what if, through expressing our newly-found creative fluency, we could additionally affect positive change in the world? We believe we can and need do so through a (r)evolution. A Creativity (R)Evolution.

While revolutions are powered by upheaval, our strength comes from slow, sustainable change over time; a set of changes that cumulatively shift the status quo, enabling us to move into a new adaptive state where we essentially transform both ourselves and our lives into something better.

The Mechanisms of (R)Evolution

We're not just talkin' bout a (R)Evolution -- we're sparking one.


By leveraging the power of Tiny Habits, The Oxygen Mask Theory, being Self-ful in order to become Self-less, we nurture our own creative spark. By listening, amplifying the ideas of others, and bringing together brilliance for creative collaboration, we nurture the creativity of others.


You, me, and everyone we know who knows that the creativity that lives inside of you is far too wonderful to keep all to yourself and must me let out to change the world for the better.


Now is all we ever have. Today is the day: the perfect time to change your relationship with creativity and to encourage the creativity of others.

Get Inspired

If you haven't seen the Creativity (R)Evolution being sparked live, you can still experience it from its instigation at Øredev Conference 2013 in Malmö, Sweden.

Make yourself some popcorn, sit back in a comfy chair, put it on full-screen and enjoy having your mind opened to the possibilities of spreading a contagion of creativity around the world.

I the (R)Evolution

Together, we're growing creative sparks into flames. Here's what creativity (r)evolutionaries are saying...

Recognize your brilliance. You're here because you bring something unique. Often you don't know what. @denisejacobs + @angelaharms #oredev

Torbjörn Gyllebring, @drunkcod

Don't be a terrorist to yourself; don't allow the fear to suppress your creativity. #oredev @denisejacobs pic.twitter.com/oCamPZDuVU

Narek Alaverdyan, @alaverdyan

Your attitude is a social contagion. @denisejacobs #oredev. Goes both ways, both + and -

Jakob Wolman, @jakobwolman

Nourish yourself to feed the world. @denisejacobs #oredev #selffulness

Jessica Kerr, @jessitron

Viva La (R)Evolution!

Let's feed our creativity where it’s been hungry, encourage others around us to do so as well, and by doing so, push the contagion of creativity to ripple around the world, creating Betterness for all.